Be Your Own Superhero, Always

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Some people are lucky. Really lucky. They come from wealthy families which afford them the education and resources to excel at their careers. Or to travel the world.

Some have the love and emotional support from their families and friends, in good times and in bad.

Some find financially free partners which allows them to sit back and be taken care of, and they can decide if they want to work or not.

And some maintain health throughout their lives. An incredible gift of luck.

Whether you’re the lucky charm at the poker table or not, be your own superhero, always.

You are your only constant.

Money comes and money goes. Relationships come and relationships go. We’d love to believe that our family ties, partner ties and career will always be strong. But sometimes it doesn’t play out that way, or it’s only temporary.

And luck changes as well.

At the end of the day, only you can take care of you. And that’s a beautiful thing!

External change is inevitable and most of it is out of our control. We do get to control, however, who we are. Our strength. Our grit. Our persistence. Our grace. These must be deeply rooted to withstand the turbulence of our external worlds.

I recently overheard a woman say, “I’m so proud of my incredible husband, he’s making all our dreams come true!” And I thought, what a lucky woman. And then I thought, I hope she’s capable of making her own dreams come true too.

Don’t ever put your dreams in someone else’s hands. Be a power couple if you’re with someone. And always empower yourself, with or without that someone.

Be your own superhero. There’s no knight and shining armor that’s going to rescue you. Have you seen the movie Frozen? Disney is onto something.

But damn it Maria, I’ve been hustling and fighting my whole life and I’m tired. I want to relax and not be my own superhero for once.

I hear you. And I get it. But tough luck honey.

Count your lucky stars that you’re not living in Syria being bombed by our US military and fighting for your life every single day.

You’re so fortunate to have access to the Internet, thus, access to an abundance of information to learn just about anything you want.

You’re fortunate to have a body and a mouth, where you can communicate with other humans. You have the capacity to form deep meaningful relationships. Or to network with people to get your business ideas executed.

But please don’t rely on those meaningful relationships to give you self-validation. Or comfort.

Validate and comfort yourself. Be your own best friend. Your loving group of family and friends is an added bonus, but be the source.

Of course there will be many beautiful superheroes that come into your world. Share with them. Love them. Learn from them. Just don’t rely on them to give you your super powers.

Only you can access those powers. Yes, access. They’re there, trust me. So own it.

Cheers to you, Superhero.