How can I be of service to you

Communication Coaching: Have you ever felt misunderstood? Or that you couldn’t understand someone else, maybe even near and dear to you?? How can this be?? Communication is the foundation of all human relationship. It is a tool that deserves deep awareness…

How can I help you???

1. Learn your style of verbal communication!

There are 7 ways humans use to fascinate people…according to our personalities, there are about 2 that each of us use the most naturally and effectively. Learn how the world sees you and how you can you apply your most effective communication style to all aspects of your life!

2. Confidence

Whether it is in giving a presentation, leading a meeting, negotiating a deal, or participating in a casual dinner party, confidence is key in effectively communicating in any environment. What is holding you back? What are your greatest obstacles? Fears? What is in your head opposed to reality? Remember, we are often our worst critics. It’s time for a new perspective!

3. Sound

Our voice is our most powerful tool in communication! Have you ever recorded yourself? Listened to your voice? Your tone? What do you hear? Do you believe what you are saying? Does your voice have authority? Sound is so important. It is what gives meaning to the content of our words. Learn your voice, its intonations, the rhythm, and most useful ways to use it according to context. Check out my top 6 tips for improving your voice here!

4. Non-verbal

Body language baby!! Again, confidence is power. You will hear me repeat this over and over again. And just because you are attending a meeting or dinner party, not talking, people are observing your body language. What kind of message are you giving? Are you open or closed off? Are you confident or unsure? Nervous about a presentation?? I have some tips for you that can help build confidence through body poses.