Why We Need More Simplicity in Our Lives




We often want complexity.

It’s intriguing. It’s mysterious. It’s sexy.

Complexity keeps us guessing. It brings us drama. It’s often a game. And don’t we all like to play games?

Complexity gets old though. You reach a point when you just want things to be simple…or at least more simple.

Simplicity is order.

Think about it. Scientists aim for a simple way to explain some of life’s most mind-boggling phenomenons. Einstein was able to explain how the Cosmos work in a simple Theory of Relativity. Well ok, simple for some of you brainiacs.

If you’re human like me, then you probably go through a great deal of complexity before you reach simplicity.

Simplicity is the end goal. It’s beauty. It’s enlightenment.

Let’s take a look at a few examples…


Nowadays we’re living in a complex world….and we’re losing our joy.

We live in huge, polluted cities where the traffic is awful. We commute to work each day, sometimes 2 hours a day, plus work a long 8-12 hours.

We’re more ambitious than ever before and the consequence of that can often be isolating. It’s turning us into self-indulgent individuals who rarely have time for those we love because we’re just so busy…all…of…the…time.

And sooner or later we busy people find ourselves feeling alone and depressed because we don’t have any real connection to other humans. It all starts to feel complex.

Complexity obsesses about the past or the future. It creates unnecessary stress over a future that isn’t even real.

Simplicity lives in the present moment. It knows how to sit back and enjoy the world around them. It makes their daily routines easier.

Simplicity practices gratitude for what they have in the present.

(And that’s happiness!)


Complexity is challenging. And it’s good to have a partner who challenges you in a healthy way that pushes you to grow.

However, if you never know what your partner is thinking or where you stand, that’s a kind of complexity that should never be the basis of a relationship.

If complexity is the basis of your relationship it’s not meant to be.

Meant to be is simple. It is or it isn’t. They want it or they don’t. There’s no grey area.

Complexity doesn’t know what it wants.

Complexity says something one minute and contradicts it the next. It’s too hard to keep up with.

Simplicity knows they want to be with you.

Simplicity lets things roll of its back…not because it’s a pushover, but because it understands that it’s not worth sweating the small stuff. It’s better at maintaining perspective instead of creating unnecessary drama.

Simplicity loves and moves on.


Okay, maybe you’re thinking that this is irrelevant after the above two categories. But hear me out.

As an American who’s been living in Spain for the last 6 years, my eyes have been opened to the art of simplicity when it comes to cuisine. The Spaniards have mastered it. It’s all about quality here.

You’ll find some of the most delicious tomatoes in the world in this country. Take a salad with tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, sea salt and fresh parmesan….a masterpiece.

FullSizeRender (7)

Or take fish or meat. Again, it’s all about quality. Bake in olive oil, garlic and sea salt. That’s it.

When a concoction of ingredients (often artificial) are needed, it’s usually because it needs to mask the flavor of the meat….because the meat isn’t that good.

When you have a quality piece of food, it speaks for itself. No complex dressing or sauce necessary.

Simplicity. Much healthier, therefore more order and harmony in our bodies.

Ok, that’s all about food.

Let’s bring it back to the basics.

Love. Nature. Connection.

Why can’t we gaze out the window and be alone with our thoughts?… instead of having the tv on, while sitting in front of our laptops, while we figure out which filter to put on our next Instagram post via our mobile phones?

Why not go for the man or woman who says, “Yes, I want to be with you.” Instead of chasing the person whose mind we can never read because they’re always sending us different messages. Seriously. Next.

Why can’t the 10-year-old go out and climb trees instead of playing hours of video games on the iPad?

In a progressive world where our society is advancing in so many ways, we seem to be taking a giant step backwards.

We overcomplicate everything.

And it could be so simple…

Be present.

Be grateful.


Get in nature.

Make non-virtual time for yourself and those you love.

Humans are already complex by nature. Let’s do ourselves a favor and live more simply.

And enjoy a much higher quality of life.