Why Women Are Attracted to Alpha Men


2017-11-01-PHOTO-00006066The other day a guy mentioned that he didn’t understand why some women fall for alpha men.

He described alpha men as self-centered.

The whole self-centered label often gets associated with alphas….they think they know everything, they believe they are superior to everyone else, they’re narcissists, etc.

The thing is, alphas are often misunderstood. This is a consequence of there not being many alphas left out there. Many of us aren’t used to such a strong personality and we can easily misinterpret the alpha’s intention.

With that being said, there’s a fine line between strong determination and self-centeredness, so yes, the alpha needs to be careful. But he’s a growing human being, just like the rest of us.

And to be clear, the guy who’s always bragging about how awesome he is and who needs to show us how tough he is, isn’t an alpha. This is a douchebag. And no quality woman will ever be attracted to a douchebag.

Alphas are not the guys who flash their money around either…or who have their dukes up, ready to fight anyone. These guys are usually suffering from major insecurities and/or small penises.

And alphas are not the guys who beat their chest when they have achieved something grand. This isn´t the animal kingdom. They do take pride in who they are and what they do, but they’re not garish about it.

So, what’s an alpha male in today´s modern world?

He’s a confident man who has nothing to prove to anyone. He´s strong and has tact. He never goes around picking fights, but if it came down to it as a last resort, he wouldn’t back down.

Sexy, right?

Here are the other key qualities that attract women to the alpha man:

  • They’re natural leaders: And holy moly this covers several incredibly sexy traits. Confident and self-assured, alpha males lead the way. They step into the unknown, take risks and face the challenges that all leaders inevitably have to face. They are driven and never let the opinions of others throw them off their course.
  • They’re decision makers: Alphas are not wishy-washy. They know what they want. There is no, “well, maybe, yes, possibly, I don´t know.” Uff, no. An alpha male is always in control and doesn´t wait for someone else to make a decision for him.
  • They´re unpredictable: Alphas are intense and take a lot of action. They´re ambitious, seeking new growth opportunities or learning new skills, both professionally and personally, so you never know what they´re going to do next.
  • They protect and provide for those they love: It’s in our nature to want to feel safe and secure with the man we’re with. Alphas are devoted to their tribe and in making sure their people are taken care of.
  • They’re vulnerable: This one may surprise you if you associate vulnerability with weakness. Quite the contrary. Being vulnerable means you put yourself out there, showing the world who you are, despite judgements and other people’s opinions. Being vulnerable means to go after what you want, undeterred by rejection. Alpha males are comfortable in their skin, not letting external factors bring them down. My homie, Mark Manson, elaborates more on that here.

So there you have it. Alpha males have a lot of value to bring to the table, and nowadays they’re a dying breed. But gentlemen, it’s never too late to develop these traits.

And if you have a sensitive alpha man by your side, well then you’ve hit the jackpot, my friend.

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