You Don’t Need Closure With The Egocentric, Just Move On



So you want closure, do you?

Did your thing feel really good and then abruptly end?

Now some time has passed, they’re back in contact with you and you want to see them to get that closure?

Or maybe to see if anything has changed….to see if things could be different now?

Well sweet darlin’, before you get delusional with high hopes, let me ask you something. What are they showing you, not saying to you, but demonstrating?

Because there is a type of person out there, charming, endearing, and well-mannered. They will be all of those things to get what they want in the moment.

Meet the egocentric.

The egocentric will try so very hard to not allow you to let them go. They don’t want a relationship today, but maybe tomorrow, who knows. It’s called stringing you along. It’s manipulation, pure and simple. And they are so good at the game.

They will send you songs or messages with hidden meanings, encrypted in their own, slightly sick way.

These trinkets don’t mean anything, except that they don’t want you to forget about them just yet, just in case they decide to want your companionship down the road.

Meanwhile, these messages give you hope. False hope. You start to think that maybe they’re ready now and things will be different. Things will never be different.

Yet the egocentric doesn’t care about how these messages could affect you because it’s only ever about them.

They won’t let you forget about them because they genuinely like you, but never enough to actually commit to anything more than the possibility of another meeting when they want it.

CAVEAT: They don’t value you.

There is a huge difference between giving like and giving value to someone.

The hard truth is…..

The egocentric doesn’t value you.

The egocentric doesn’t honor you.

The egocentric doesn’t take your feelings into consideration. Ever.

The egocentric expects you to wait around for them for a day they may or may not come around.

And you will want to believe in the sincerity of their messages. But don’t. It may be sincere in that moment, but the next moment will be a different story.

Your only role for them is to be there until something or someone more exciting comes along.

You’re not a priority for them and never will be.

When you compare words with actions, words mean nothing. Nor do encrypted messages. Actions mean everything. What are they showing you?

If a person truly wants to see you they will make the effort to see you.

If a person really wants to be with you they will show you directly, not send you encrypted messages.

Encrypted messages are child’s play.

A real man or real woman will be direct and prove themselves with their actions.

There’s no guessing. There’s no wondering. There’s no decoding.

It’s yes or no.

Don’t waste any more of your time.

There’s no need to see them for closure, just move on.

Give the opportunity to someone who will honor you.

The person who honors you isn’t an egocentric. They highly regard your feelings. They take care of you, not play games with you.

If you want someone to honor you, don’t give any more power to those who don’t.

And always start by honoring yourself.